• a bucket full of red ripe cherries @ Bloomfield Cherries, Brentwood CA

Family Owned & Operated U-Pick Cherry Orchard located in Brentwood, CA

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    Delicious fruit, easy to park and pick, very friendly and helpful staff.
    Helpful Staff
    Stacy Brown, May 2018
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    The staff were friendly, there were an abundance of cherries, my family enjoyed selecting our own pick and omg these have to be the best cherries I've ever had!
    OMG These have to be the best cherries I’ve ever had
    Nicole Krista, May 2017
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    I visited the ranch on Sunday, 13th May past noon. There were many enthusiasts, young and old enjoying the U pick event. There is no entry fee, the staff is courteous and friendly. They do give you a bucket for cherry collection. There was a decent amount of red, bountiful cherries to pick and a ladder to help pick the cherries from the tree top made the entire episode very enjoyable. With a bucket weighing 10-12 lbs I felt satisfied. Will certainly recommend the farm to friends n family.
    Young and old enjoy the u-pick
    Preeti Jadhav, May 2018
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    Smaller farm (10 acres for u-pick) but definitely less crowded. We went the first day of the season for Bloomfield so the trees were still full and not picked over yet. They had 2 types of early season cherries, Brooks and Coral Champagne. Apparently they have 7 different varieties on their farm.  $3.50 a pound is very reasonable considering our local farmers market sells it for $5-$6/pound. The trees were a bit smaller than some other places but the cherries are delicious and made some good cherry pie!!
    Debbie C., May 2014
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    A great place to pick your own cherries. Weekends can be crowded but if you go early, it is great.
    Go early in the day!
    M.M., May 2018
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    We've enjoyed the experiences we've had at Bloomfield cherries. They don't charge an entrance fee, you don't need to bring your own buckets, and they have abundant parking. They have both Bings and Rainers but the Bings get picked out pretty quickly - within the span of a month. So if you want to go and like sweet cherries, go in May. It's had to say how they compare to the tons of other cherry picking places because we haven't tired any others, but we will probably continue to go to Bloomfield in the future!

    They provide lots of parking, and buckets for picking
    Kim B, June 2017
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    This was my first time picking cherries in Brentwood, and it was a great experience! We came late in the season, but we had contacted Bloomfield beforehand via Facebook messenger (they are really responsive). It turns out there was a whole row of their cherry orchard that they opened this weekend. When we got there, they gave us buckets and bags to fill up and directed us where to go. They had two varieties of cherries, Lapin and Sweetheart, both of which were sweet and delicious! There were plenty of ladders available to reach cherries at the tops of the trees. There were lots of families there enjoying the cherries and the nice day. The cherries were $3.50/lb. They weigh the cherries in the bucket but subtract the bucket weight. All in all a great day! When I got home, I realized I had lost a pair of sunglasses in the orchard. I messaged them, and not only did they find them, they offered to ship them to me! Such a kind family!
    Such a kind family!
    Stephanie Q, June 2018
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    This is my straight 5th year going to U-pick farms, but going to Bloomfield was the first time and it was yesterday.  Parking was easy, was greeted very well, trees are full of cherries.  Yes they are sweet cherries.  The best ones are in the back as usual.  No ladders needed as of now, but might need later on.  Kids had fun since it was not too crowded and not too warm and easy low hanging sweet cherries. Price is as usual $3.5/lb.  Size of cherries is not too big but taste is excellent. Definitely would go again and also would highly recommended. My car needed a jump start and was helped by management. Highly appreciate they took time to help me out
    Taste of cherries is excellent
    Minha M, May 2018
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    So many cherries! The trees were very accessible and ladders are provided for reaching the higher places. The rules posted at the front before you go in are easy to follow. I would definitely come here again. I went last week and the cherries were extremely ripe and sweet. The season will be ending soon.
    Ladders make cherries accessible
  • 4
    施傑仁, May 2018
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    Yummy Cherries!
    Aric Rawal, May 2018
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    My favorite cherry farm:-)
    My favorite!
    Nida Vallejo, June 2018
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    What an experience - picking cherries at its peak! The cherries are so good, and some of them are low - perfect for young kids. We enjoyed it a lot on a sunny afternoon. Be sure to protect your little ones from the sun. Reasonable price, cheaper than local farms market.
    Maoyu Ma, June 2018
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    Great place for cherry picking!!
    Great Place
    Priya Darshini, June 2018
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    As with all Cherry farms, it ain't cheap but it's fresh! We came here around 0930 hours and the place was pretty packed. No entrance fee and staff will give you instructions how to pick. The cherries are good. We easily spent $60 here and finished it all in under two days!
    Fresh Cherries!
    Eric Tam, May 2018
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    Beautiful cherry farm. Should arrive early.
    Arrive Early for best experience
    C Koo